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We help build companies by combining sales expertise with code.


Jordan Van Horn Head of Demand Gen, Segment "Dogpatch has helped us think about data driven outbound in a new way"
Guilluame Cabane VP Growth, Drift “Dogpatch is the only sales advisory that I consistently work with to push the limits of next generation Outbound.”
May Habib CEO, Qordoba “Our meeting rate went up 50% with Outbound Ops. The data first methodology lets us scale 10x with an Outbound Ops function, all without hiring more SDRs.”
Kyle Porter CEO, SalesLoft “Dogpatch is helping our customers maximize our platform with data and a new approach.”
Manny Medina CEO, Outreach.io “For most SDR teams, Dogpatch’s approach is flying cars. But if you’re ready...”
Alex Maccaw CEO, Clearbit "A new era for outbound has arrived. Dogpatch is leading the way.”
Henry Schuck CEO, ZoomInfo “Dogpatch is easily one of the most data and engineering driven advisory firms I've ever seen.”



 We work with sales leadership teams to adopt a modern sales playbook. Projects include scaling revenue teams, leading strategic initiatives, ABM orchestration, training & enablement, creating / refining sales processes and implementing Outbound Ops. 

Our customers include global companies, prominent startups and data-driven teams around the world. 


Visual Prospecting

Increase response rates by personalizing images for every prospect.

Prospects are tired of boring, plain text emails. Bring your company's value to life with Visual Prospecting at scale.

See a live demo here.


Outbound Ops Express


We can automate your outbound process - as a service. That's because next generation outbound will be solved with data, not people.

We handle segmentation, touch cadence, persona targeting, copy generation, custom images and more. Want to test new ideas? Enter a new market? Augment your SDRs? Or outsource first meetings altogether?

We can help.


Outbound Ops Toolkit

60% of prospecting time is spent finding or cleaning data. Not anymore.

Eliminate manual outbound tasks like cleaning names or sourcing contacts. The Outbound Ops Toolkit has been engineered to quickly source, clean, and enrich outbound data. With custom modules: dynamic images and messaging are created specific to your brand.

NEW: Custom images! Use data to personalize your images as scale.