What We Do

Dogpatch Advisors helps companies grow faster by constantly rethinking go-to-market. We build products and deliver strategy recommendations to modernize workflows and help teams increase revenue quickly. 

Outbound Ops Toolkit

In 2017 we released the Outbound Ops Toolkit, a product which accelerates data workflows in Google Sheets. Modern sales teams use the Outbound Ops Toolkit every day to conquer difficult and tedious tasks including sourcing, cleaning and enriching sales data. 

Advisory and Training

We offer a wide variety of advisory and training services. These are generally two to 12 month engagements for scaling revenue operations, architecting strategic shifts, building sales playbooks, creating/refining sales processes, and building Outbound Ops functions. We also run immersive workshops for outbound, discovery, selling, demos, negotiation, public speaking and much more.

Dogpatch Advisors Sales Framework

Our framework summarizes the key sales competencies and modules which guide our work.  This framework highlights the mesh points between disciplines and helps executives create a holistic strategy for growing their business.

Our Team