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Outbound OPs Tookit

Take back your selling time. Source, clean and enrich data to quickly build and run targeted outbound campaigns from Google Sheets. 

The average sales team spends 30-50% of their prospecting time gathering and modifying data. Let's fix that. 

The Outbound Ops Toolkit: 

  • allows sales and sales operations teams to execute common, tedious or complex data manipulation tasks 
  • extends the data capability for non-technical sales people
  • helps teams quickly combine firmographic, people and proxy data to personalize emails at scale 

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Dogpatch Advisors offers training and enablement for everything from outbound, to discover, sales playbook, negotiation and more. 

Our training is grounded in traditional sales fundamentals, but with modern frameworks applied. We use technology and engineering to create immersive experiences, improve feedback loops and invent new ways for your sales team to interact with customers.  

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Dogpatch Advisors helps companies grow faster by constantly rethinking go-to-market. We provide action oriented advice which companies can implement quickly. 

We focus on scaling revenue operations, leading strategic shifts, building playbooks, creating/refining sales processes, and building an Outbound Ops function. 

We help early stage startups, late stage unicorns and public companies reimagine modern sales and marketing. 

Dogpatch Advisors Sales Framework

The Dogpatch Advisors Sales Framework summarizes key competencies and modules which guide our engagements. This framework highlights the mesh points between disciplines and helps executives create a holistic strategy for growing their business.

Dogpatch Advisors Sales Framework

Dogpatch Advisors Sales Framework